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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Cup Between 2 Friends Mug and Starbucks Coffee Unique Gift

What better way to say thank you to that special friend then with an unique gift of a 2onacloud's “Cup Between 2 friends Mug” and Starbucks Coffee.
The 2onacloud mug comes in beige and is in a perfect size of 14 oz. Suitable for that morning cup of Starbucks coffee, you have a one of a kind unique gift that shows how much you appreciate that special person in your life.

2onacloud's A Cup between 2 friends represents moments shared between 2 friends and the touching of memories to ones heart. It is the center piece of 2onacloud's Rachel Charlotte Miller Collection.

This gift set comes with 2onacloud's ACup Between 2 Friends Mug (a 14 oz. mug) and your favorite Starbucks Coffee (House Blend or French Roast).

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